Words of encouragement for mamas…

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to jot down my many thoughts.  My days have been filled with camping, swim lessons, sleepovers and every other thing that a mom does to cram fun into the last few weeks of summer before school starts up again.  But that’s not to say I’ve not had a LOT of ponderings.  I have.

One of the things I’ve learned so much of these last few weeks of summer vacation is how much I, we all, actually, need grace.


They’re all “over” it. 

If you’re a mom who stays at home with your kiddos, whether by choice or not, summer break gives you ample opportunity to screw up.  Heck, even if you’re a working mom, summer break can be challenging.  Can I get an ‘Amen’?

Before I go on I want to clear something up.  I LOVE my kids to infinity and beyond.  I LOVE summer break.  I LOVE when my kids are home for 10 weeks in a row!  But I don’t love when they fight (especially loudly and with every window in the house open).  I don’t love it when they disobey and I have to dish out discipline.  I don’t particularly love that my house looks like a tornado RESIDES in it.

I also don’t love when I screw up as a mom and my kids suffer for it.

For example: I have yelled.  I have ranted.  I have given extended and ridiculous time outs and taken away iPods and video time for the rest of eternity only to recant and shorten the “punishment” to something more reasonable… but only after I have had a chance to lock myself in my bathroom and surf the web to drown out the crazy that is my household.

Yup.  That has happened a lot these past couple of weeks.  Honestly, I think we’re all tired and a bit bored.  There are only so many activities you can do with a napper in the house.  Being stuck at home just isn’t awesome for the older ones and being forced to go out all day is too much to ask of the younger ones.  So we all reach our breaking point and the attitude of our heart pours out of our mouths.  Oy vey.

But guess what?  We still love each other even when we might not like each other.  Why?


Just saying the word out loud brings me a sense of peace and calm.  It helps me recognize that what I’ve done isn’t going to ruin everything forever.  ‘Grace’ is AMAZING.  It has been described as “undeserved kind favor”.  Something we all want and all need.

There is this amazing gift that kids have in being gracious with their parents… mine in particular (my kids, not my parents).   When I have had a rough day and take it out on my kids by being short-tempered, freaking out because of who knows what (thus forcing me to humble myself and ask forgiveness from my kids), I can count on them saying, “Sure mom.  I forgive you.  Love you!”

How awesome are they?  And how do they DO that?!  They overlook my flaws and love me anyway.

Thank God they have this gift.

Thank God for HIS grace; His undeserved kind favor.  It is evident in my children and their ability to love me in spite of my shortcomings and downfalls and to encourage me to be a better mom just by being themselves.  Amazing.

So mamas out there who are hanging on by a thread, those of you who want to hit your head on the wall over and over again to lessen the headache from the sound of kids fighting… give yourself some grace.  You’re not perfect.  You will fail.  You will have lots of tears.

But God’s grace is enough.  His power is  made perfect in your weakness.  Call on Him and ask Him to just dump His kind favor on you.  There is nothing wrong with asking Him for help.  He gets it.  He’s a parent too, and his kids (us) have kind of made a mess of things.  Ask Him for His grace and accept it.  It’ll be okay.

Besides… “tomorrow is a new day; fresh, with no mistakes in it.” (Miss Stacy, Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery)

His mercies are new EVERY morning.


Go and take on the day! And season it with grace 😉


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