Can I just say something?  I am tired.

After having a handful of kids and trying to do everything right by them for 13 years… I. AM. TIRED.

Tired of feeling pressure to make 100% healthy lunches that are cut out in shapes from Frozen or Thomas the Train that my kids will want to eat.

Tired of trying to have birthday parties that blow every mom’s socks off (kids don’t care if their party is Pinterest-worthy… they want presents).

Tired of feeling pressure to have a Lululemon-type body so that when I put my comfy clothes on (read: yoga pants and a sweatshirt) I look like I actually do yoga.  (Which I don’t.  I fully embody the activewear for the inactive lifestyle ideal).

I’m also tired of this unspoken mandate by magazines, websites and who knows what other types of media that tell me the Jones’ really do have everything I want and that I should be miserable because I don’t have their house, car or lifestyle too. OR even better, that by sacrificing my marriage, my children and my overall mental health, I will be HAPPY.

Guess what?  I QUIT.

I am so over it.  I want to enjoy my life; this ONE LIFE I have been blessed with.  I want to notice my blessings rather than feel like they’re not enough.

When you were a kid do you ever remember going to your friend’s house and marveling at their granite countertops? (Or maybe they were tile, since that’s the generation I was a part of).  Or going crazy with envy over the hand-cut, personalized (and wearable) party favors at your best friend’s party?

I don’t.

In fact, I remember shag carpet that was multi-colored brown.  I remember getting a few Pixi-Stix and calling it good.  And guess what?  We were HAPPY!

Sure, we might’ve envied our friends’ Cabbage Patch doll collection, but overall, we just enjoyed life.  We didn’t compete with each other to see who was participating in the most activities.  Select Soccer and Basketball weren’t even ‘things’ yet.  We got cut from teams… AND LIVED.

What has happened to us?  Why are we putting such crazy pressures on each other to be this ideal that never existed when we were kids?  I mean, our moms wore MOM JEANS and quilted vests.  Fashion really couldn’t get much worse than that.  (FYI, Saturday Night Live did a great short on that.  Check it out… Mom Jeans ).

Can we just cut all that stuff out?  Get rid of our Pinterest-y expectations of each other?  Not judge a fellow lady by the condition of her counters or the freshness of her highlights?  Maybe even… (wait for it)… ask for help when we can’t get it all done?  Or be the type of friend that sees her friend’s need and takes care of it before she even has to ask for help?

We need COMMUNITY with each other.  Community that builds each other up in such a way that we don’t falsely inflate one another’s egos or cause one another to feel inferior, but real, true community.  Community that feels like a cup of tea on a rainy day; good and warm and delicious.

Let’s do this, you guys.  Let’s go against the flow and enjoy our lives AS THEY ARE.  Without all the frills and touch-ups that we do to make others take notice of us.  Let’s live life FULLY, right here, right now.  It’s pretty awesome.


8 thoughts on “I. QUIT.

  1. Tammy says:

    THANK YOU Summer! And by the way, can we please teach our daughters this too? I’m so tired of hurt feelings & tears because a “friend” commented on fake Uggs or lack of $100 yoga pants!!


    • Summer Wilson says:

      Tammy, no kidding. I remember some of that nonsense when I was younger, but man, it’s so painful to watch the kids go through it. I will say that it does build character, but that’s of no comfort to a teen or pre-teen! I’m working on teaching my kiddos to enjoy life as it is. It actually takes work to do that, can you believe it?


  2. Bethesda says:

    Funny thing is that you are an awesome example of what you wrapped this post up with – thank you. For your heart. And for sharing your life with me. I will do community with you any day, friend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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