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Can I just say something?  I am tired.

After having a handful of kids and trying to do everything right by them for 13 years… I. AM. TIRED.

Tired of feeling pressure to make 100% healthy lunches that are cut out in shapes from Frozen or Thomas the Train that my kids will want to eat.

Tired of trying to have birthday parties that blow every mom’s socks off (kids don’t care if their party is Pinterest-worthy… they want presents).

Tired of feeling pressure to have a Lululemon-type body so that when I put my comfy clothes on (read: yoga pants and a sweatshirt) I look like I actually do yoga.  (Which I don’t.  I fully embody the activewear for the inactive lifestyle ideal).

I’m also tired of this unspoken mandate by magazines, websites and who knows what other types of media that tell me the Jones’ really do have…

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