Enough Already!


I have been hearing it so much lately….

“I don’t have enough…”

“I would, but I’m not good enough…”

“I just don’t think I’m enough.”

If you are a wife, if you are a mother, if you are a sister, a daughter, a friend, an employee… a human, you have likely felt and BELIEVED that you are not enough.

Every day of our lives, from day one, we’re conditioned to believe that there is something or someone better than we are. There is someone more beautiful, more popular, smarter, more talented, more kind, more valued… MORE than you.

We spend our lives, whether we know it or not, trying to become better; trying to become  enough. We are told that if we wear the right clothing, have the degree, drive the latest car, have children, are married, have the house, the friends, the job, the picture perfect life… we will be enough.

Even if we do acquire all of these things, we feel a longing in our hearts for more! We feel like if we drop any of the balls we juggle or lose whatever grip on life we have, we would not be enough again and have to start all over. It’s dizzying and so, so exhausting.

This world is in the business of selling you the belief that it’s true: You Are NOT ENOUGH.

This world PROFITS, actually makes money from making you feel inadequate. It pits us against one another, making us compete to be better at this or that than someone else, and rewards us for it.

You guys, IT’S A LIE.

I need you to hear me out on this. It is vital that you do because I have just come to realize something personally that I think so many of us know so deep in our hearts but can’t identify it with our brains:

We were never made to be “enough”.

When God spoke the world into creation all that time ago, and when He breathed life into Adam’s lungs, God never said, “Perfect!” God never said, “Okay! I’m done, you’re on your own guys!”

No. When God created mankind, His plan wasn’t to set the wheels of our lives in motion and leave us to do life on our own because we were going to be awesome at it.

When God made mankind, He did so with the intention of having a sweet, fulfilling relationship with us. In the book of Genesis we see God walking through the Garden of Eden, talking, hanging out with Adam and Eve as the beloved Father.

When Adam and Eve chose to disobey the Father’s will for them, eating the fruit from the Tree in the middle of the garden (which would give them the knowledge of good and evil) Adam and Eve caused that relationship to be broken. They chose their will over God’s will and mankind has been in a constant battle with the same thing ever since (thanks, genetics!). (See Genesis 2:4-3:24 for the history).

Here’s where the wrestling match begins. Ever since then, which is a long, long time, mankind has constantly wrestled with ourselves. We have tried SO HARD to take God’s place. We have desired and fought to be in charge of our lives, to do our own thing, to be fiercely independent, successful, content, happy, lovely… all of it. By and for ourselves.

Does this sound familiar at all to you? Because to me, it’s all I hear every day, that “If I just… then I’ll feel amazing!” about myself, about life, about others.

But I don’t.

I can’t “just” anything!  “Just” just isn’t enough.

Let me tell you why:

“Just” doesn’t allow for what God intended to make us WHOLE.

What WE “Just” doesn’t make room for who JESUS IS or what He did for us.

Friends, hear me loud and clear:

To this world, you will never, ever be enough. It is impossible.

Now, if you’re like me, that thought is incredibly depressing. If I’m not enough, that makes me feel pretty aimless. Why am I striving to be enough if it’ll never happen? Why do I even want to be enough? What good am I?

Here’s where our stories get AWESOME. Are you ready?

While this world gets rich by making us feel ridiculously inadequate and craving stuff that will help us become “enough” for just an instant, there is Someone who looks at you just as you are and says,

“You are enough for Me.”

Stop for a minute and think about this very carefully… Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, the One creator of the whole universe; God with skin on… says “YOU’RE ENOUGH FOR ME.” He calls YOU, the one the enemy has called “broken”, “spent”, “worthless”, “inadequate” and so much more…, Jesus calls you “Enough.” More than that, He calls YOU “BELOVED.” even better? He calls YOU “MINE.”  

“You were bought at a high price (Jesus’ death), therefore do not become enslaved by this world.” –1 Corinthians 7:23

Jesus looks at you, at me, at every person who was ever created with eyes of absolute adoration. What we see as broken messes, He sees as His favorite things!


You guys, we will never, ever, ever, ever find what we’re looking for here because we’re looking in the wrong place!

Our identity wasn’t meant to be found here on earth. Our identity, who we are in our hearts, our worth, our innate value, EVERYTHING about who we are is meant to be measured in how Jesus Christ values us!

Some of us may not know how He values us, so let me tell you:

This man, the Son of God, came from heaven and lived on earth for 33 years, He saw your heart and said, “Her. I want to give My life for Her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH that there is nothing that can separate Me from her.

John 3:16 says, “For God SO LOVED the world (that’s you), that He gave His one and only Son (Jesus) so that whoever believes in Him (Jesus) won’t die, but will have eternal (forever) life.”

Do you see?!  You are loved/cherished/valued  by the God of ALL creation in a crazy sacrificial way!!!

You don’t have to look to what people say about your skills, your looks, your life, your job, your house, your accomplishments, the number of kids you have or do not have, your marital status, your bank account, your ANYTHING for validation about whether you make the cut… because GOD says “In Me, you are WHOLE. You are made complete.”

There is no other avenue to this wholeness we so desperately seek. Jesus says, “I am THE way, THE truth and THE life. No one comes to the Father except through ME.” (John 14:6)

Wholeness comes from Christ alone. It’s HIM that’s enough. It was never meant to be us alone. We are made whole BECAUSE of Him. THROUGH Him. BY Him.

Jesus is Enough

When we recognize Jesus as our Lord and Savior (because we’ve all screwed up and need saving from something, whether we like it or not… Romans 3:23 says “For ALL have sinned and FALL SHORT of the glory of God”), we are free from the “Not Enough”s. Romans 8:1 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” 

Do you see that?! NO CONDEMNATION!!! That means that when we belong to Christ, all those “not enough”s? They don’t exist anymore. YOU ARE SET FREE!

And guess what? When we are set free from the bondage of this world’s chains of comparison and discontent we are unstoppable forces for Jesus.

So today, dear, beloved friend, I want you to consider something. I am asking you to do this because whether I know you personally or we’re friends because of this Transparency Project community, please consider Jesus. If you don’t know Him personally, or even know what that means (perhaps you think He’s just an old Jewish guy from a couple thousand years ago), please reach out to me privately or to another friend who knows Him personally as their Savior. I long for you to know Him. I would be the most selfish person on the earth if I didn’t long for your freedom as I did for my own.

If you already have a relationship with Jesus but are struggling with the “not enough”s, please go to Jesus and ask Him to replace those with His truth about who you are because of His sacrificial love for you. He will not deny you that and will bless you abundantly for your willing heart!

Friend, you are so, so beloved. In Christ alone, you are enough. In Christ alone, you can be made whole. In Christ alone you will be set free.

Right now, go look in the mirror. Look at yourself and say out loud, “In my brokenness I was enough for Christ’s love and now I am enough BECAUSE of Him.” Friend, He wants you for Himself. I pray you’ll say “yes!”





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