Jesus Isn’t A Band Aid.



One of the things that drives me crazy about Christians (and I AM one, so there’s that), is how, when faced with the troubles of the world, we say, “Just give it to Jesus” or “They just need Jesus” or, the most gag-inducing, “Give me Jesus and Coffee!” (it’s on a shirt, for Pete’s sake).

What are we even SAYING when we put a “Just” in front of Jesus?

Releasing control and placing our hope and trust in someone else isn’t easy, let alone someone you can’t see.

Also? Jesus isn’t an accessory.

He’s not something you put on when you have an “owie” and take off when it’s “all better”.

He’s not your arm candy.

Jesus isn’t something we throw on over our sin-filled heart to give us an outfit of grace every day so we can call it ‘good’.

I am so sick of it. And me, being fully human and 100% sin-bent? Well, that should tell you something. If I am sick of Jesus being portrayed as a holy band-aid, HOW DOES HE FEEL?

Jesus is the CHRIST (the anointed One; Messiah). The SON of the LIVING GOD (Matthew 16:16)

He is the WORD, who was with God and who was God at the beginning of all creation (John 1:1)

Jesus GAVE HIMSELF UP COMPLETELY, offering Himself as a pure, spotless Lamb to be sacrificed for our sins (the required payment for sin is death). His love for us was and is SO deep and pure and grace-filled that even though He cried out to God the Father to take the burden of bearing the sins of the world off His shoulders, He BORE THEM ANYWAY. (Romans 6:23, 1 Peter 1:19, John 3:16, 1 John 2:2)

So when we say, “I just need me some Jesus” or suggest to someone who doesn’t know Him to “JUST” put on a proverbial Jesus band-aid, it’s making light of the investment He made in us and what we really should make in return.

Am I guilty of this? Yes.

In the chaos we’re experiencing in our country right now there is a LOT of pain and confusion, anger and even hatred. The hearts of everyone seem to be very raw and filled with emotion. Rightly so.

What I see is a great deal of fear that our human leaders will not, in fact, save us, but will lead to our demise as a country and as individuals.

Placing our hope in mankind IS frightening. It’s downright TERRIFYING. There is no leader on this earth that can bring about peace to all. There is no political group that will please everyone. It’s impossible. Humanity, in its brokenness, cannot meet the needs of humanity.

That would be like asking a newborn child to nurse itself.

We cannot have a deep-rooted, life-giving need in our hearts that any human can satisfy.

When we put ALL of our hope in a human, we WILL be disappointed. Just look at your Facebook feed. Oy.

So. This is where Jesus comes in.

He is not a political leader. He is GOD.

Let that soak in for a minute.


Creator of the universe. Painter of the skies. Master of the wind and waves. Designer of our souls.

He gave us free will, to choose to follow Him or to choose to follow our own fancies. It’s the latter part that got us into trouble and why our world is where it is today.

The SOLUTION? Jesus.

Not a band-aid.

When I plead with people to consider Him, I am not asking them to convert to “religion” or to start going to church or start speaking “Christian”.  I am asking them to investigate the person of Christ. Find out WHO HE IS. Was He just a man? Is He really the Son of God? Was He just a lunatic with zealous followers? Who was this guy? What makes Him so special that this lady says He’ll give me peace in this chaos?

Consider Jesus for who He was and is without the confines “religion” has put around Him.

Jesus isn’t just a temporary cover-up for our problems.

He is the FOREVER solution.

When we give our lives and our hearts to Him, His love transforms us. It renews us. It works out the ugly parts and replaces them with beauty… forever.

And these days? My goodness, wouldn’t we all like to see the ugly being whittled away and beauty put in its place? 

Consider Him. You won’t regret it.




If you are interested in learning more about Jesus but aren’t sure where to start, I love the books More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. I also recommend reading the Bible, but specifically the books of John and Romans in the New Testament. If you want more resources, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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