Hi!  My name is Summer.  I’m a wife, mom, sister, friend and daughter, much like many of you.

I think a lot.  I love to study God’s Word.  I also like to write.  Sometimes the three mash together and there’s no one around to talk to about what’s on my mind (well, no one who doesn’t want me to make them a snack anyway). So, with the encouragement of a friend, this blog was born.

I am passionate about Jesus. I am also passionate about women and friendships. I love to encourage. I love being real and encouraging others to do the same.

My hope is that this little blog of mine will encourage, inspire and move you to grow your confidence in who God created you to be, whether it be the CEO of a major corporation, CEO of the household or something in between, and that we’ll all look at each other through a filter of love and grace.  Because, let’s face it, it can be intimidating to let our guards down and entrust our real selves with others, right?

So there you have it. This is a safe place where we can be transparent with one another (the good, the bad and the ugly parts) and offer encouragement to keep pressing on.

Let’s be friends!



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